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Irrigation Design 3 - How to Selecting sprinklers and spacing ranges?
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Selecting sprinklers, without first researching the information supplied by the earlier steps in the design process, is premature. Most of the criteria for sprinkler selection is based on information gathered or calculated in those early steps.

Selecting sprinklers
There are a number of types of sprinklers and irrigation devices. Each sprinkler type has a particular range of applications for which the designer would specify them.
The main types of equipment are:

Spray sprinklers
• shrub spray sprinklers
• pop-up spray sprinklers


Rotating sprinklers
• impulse or impact sprinklers
• pop-up gear drive sprinklers

Bubblers and drip irrigation devices
• zero radius or short radius types
• ultra-low volume types

When selecting the proper sprinklers for a project, a number of factors should be considered. Some of these factors are:

• type of sprinklers requested by the owner

• size and shape of the areas to be watered

• types of plant material to be irrigated

• water pressure and flow available

• local environmental conditions such as wind,temperature, and precipitation

• soil type and the rate at which it can accept water

• compatibility of the sprinklers (which can be grouped together)

The size and shape of the areas to be irrigated often determine what type of sprinkler will be used. The goal is to select the type of sprinklers that will cover the area properly using the least number of sprinklers. The type of plant material to be irrigated can also dictate which type of sprinkler is to be used. Lawns, shrubs, trees and ground covers may all require different types of sprinklers.